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Need to update your kitchen or a bathroom? Need to reface your cabinets? Need new custom cabinets? Need more storage in your laundry room or garage? Even if you just need a ceiling fan installed, don't hesitate to call RED's.  520-247-6332.


When you need roof repairs, there can be small or large sections of the roof decking that also need replacing. If the decking is a unique size of tongue and groove, we can custom make it at a reasonable price.  Give us a call!

Damaged wood fascia? Give us a call! We will replace/repair it with quality lumber and quality workmanship. We also install prepainted steel fascia covering.

Tired of that leaky faucet, that noisy toilet or that shower that just won't turn off? Give us a call! We install new faucets, sinks, garbage disposals, dishwashers, toilets, shower/tub enclosures and more!

With 20+ years working in the roofing industry, we can assess what your roof needs. We use only the best and most modern materials. We specialize in low-slope roofs and repairs as well as tile and shingle roofs. Give us a call!

We are experts at drywall repairs, large or small. Need to fix that hole behind the entry doorknob? Maybe someone crashed into the wall and now there's a big dent? Give us a call!

We custom build cabinets to any dimension necessary. Need cabinets for a unique application or niche, wine room or anything else? Give us a call! We can help.

Updating that old bathroom? Give us a call! We build and install quality vanity cabinets with a variety of countertop options. We also offer many floor tile and shower/tub enclosure options.

Need to upadate your kitchen? Give us a call! We build and install quality kitchen cabinets and backsplash tile. We also offer a variety of countertop and sink options.


My specialty is custom woodworking and cabinets. Maybe you need something done that is not listed?  Just call me and we can talk about your needs. My attention to detail pervades all that I will do for you. 

Need an extra outlet in a room? Need to add a ceiling fan? Maybe relocate a light switch, add additional lighting or a bathroom fan? Give us a call! (Note: we are not licensed electrical contractors, but can help with those small projects)

Have a leaky skylight? Give us a call! We can replace the old skylight or just the acrylic dome. Need to add some light in an area of your home? Why not try a tubular skylight? They cost less, leak less and cost less to install. Give us a call!

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